Andre Salcido
Product Designer


I’m passionate about creating inclusive, accessible solutions for users’ problems.




Digital disputes & fraud claims
Product design

Digital disputes and fraud claims

A selection of screens from the digital dispute initiation feature, showing steps for incorrect amount dispute interview, review and confirmation steps.   I’ve worked on a number of credit card servicing products within Retail Payment Solutions for U.S….

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Help Me Move app
Product design

Help Me Move App

    For those who are moving into a home with very little budget, they often call upon family and friends for help. Help Me Move is a mobile app which helps people plan and coordinate this help. For this…

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Crowdy App feature image

Crowdy App

  While attending the DeveloperWeek 2018 Hackathon in San Francisco, I led the design and presentation for Crowdy, the premiere platform for outsourcing software development talent, leveraging the open source community and repository technologies of Github and social communication…

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About Me

I have explored oil painting, music, film, theater and comics, developing interests in visuals and storytelling. For several years I trained and worked as an auctioneer, learning to speak quickly, observe everyone within a room and read body language. Though I love to immerse myself within a design project, I also thrive when collaborating with others. My work experience has included sales, health education, SaaS, computer gaming and credit card servicing. I now find myself drawn to the fields of entertainment, fin tech and blockchain industries.

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